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PCS works with approximately 100 software and system house partners from all over the world. They offer security solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology.

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 For corporations.

End-to-end security.

In large companies, securing buildings and premises against unauthorised persons is a constant challenge.
A constantly fluctuating number of employees, unknown visitors and changing suppliers represent a potential risk for the factory premises.

Who is allowed access where and when? These are the central questions for access control.

A building security project needs to consider all the aspects in a holistic way. Access control can then be perfectly integrated and take over a key function in securing the building.



  • Consulting on building security.
  • Comprehensive product portfolio.
  • Project implementation from planning to commissioning.
  • The challenge.
    The fluctuation of employees, the number of sites and the various security zones required are just the first things to consider when deciding about the structure the enterprise-wide security system should have. Invest time in thorough planning.
  • End-to-end solutions comprising rooms, buildings and outside areas.
    PCS’s DEXICON software is not restricted to opening doors equipped with RFID readers: It also handles biometric identification for high-security areas or vehicle access control to parking lots to build a complete security system.
  • Danger from the inside.
    Close security gaps by well-structured electronic access control. This has advantages such as enterprise-wide administrability, temporary access authorizations – for other sites, too – as well as role-based access authorizations.
  • Security concept based on your requirements.
    We will assist you in finding the security system that precisely matches your requirements, neither overshooting the mark nor underestimating your need for security.
  • Access control and video surveillance.
    When an access event triggers an alarm, video surveillance integrated with access control gives you an immediate grasp of the situation, and the security personnel can take the right decisions without losing time.
  • Transparency on all access and alarm events.
    Combined with hazard detection systems or video surveillance, this will allow you to respond to any alarm event in a systematic and methodical way.
  • Access control, time recording and additional applications.
    The classic case is using the company badge both for access control and time recording. But there are many more applications for the RFID card: paying in the cafeteria or at the soda vending machine, unlocking your PC, managing printing jobs ... All this using the same card.
  • PC access control for increased security.
    PC access control via RFID or biometrics makes sure that the computer on an employee’s desk can only be used when the employee is actually present. This is a useful add-on to access control for your premises.

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Many well-known and large companies rely on SAP solutions from PCS.
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