Sustainability reports have traditionally been the reserve of big companies. However, the idea of sustainability has also long been taken up by small and medium-sized enterprises, which is why we took the decision to publish this document.

PCS Systemtechnik is committed both to the basic principle of sustainability and to its own corporate responsibility with regard to this complex topic. Even though we are a highly specialized company mainly serving the German-speaking market, with the result that our contribution to globalization has so far been limited, the SME sector is increasingly in the ecological, economic and social focus of the sustainability debate owing to its sheer overall size.

On the other hand, the small scale and transparency of individual SMEs means that any ecological information they disseminate is easily verifiable. Straightforward and transparent information strengthens the trust of employees, customers and partners and forms the basis for good business. Credible reporting does not simply enable relationships to be established and deepened. It is also an important strategic milestone in the evolution of a sustainable business model.

Our aim with this brochure is to provide you with an insight in to what we have achieved so far, and what we hope to achieve in future, as we strive to meet the global challenge "strategies for more sustainability".

Chief Executive
PCS Systemtechnik GmbH

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