Innovation, design and reliability in daily-use - that's the PCS position in the market.


For PCS, innovation is not just a useful marketing slogan, but a real challenge. This is because an invention will only become a marketable innovation if the customer is prepared to pay for the added value offered. That's why we intensively discuss the innovations to implement in every new product.

One such innovation is the MagicEye. Far from being just a curious novelty, it's the solution to the problem of how to design optical user signaling in such a way that it cannot be overlooked in passing or in loud environments. 

Yet another challenge was finding a cost-effective way to incorporate a customer's specific corporate design in our teminals. Here, we were pioneered touchscreen displays with customized back-mounted templates to the German market. 

These are only two examples of how PCS meets customer reuqirements in innovative ways. In fact, our solutions are so excellent that some competitors are duplicating them We feel honored - and challenged to come up with new innovations.


Modern, innovative industrial design is a distinguishing feature of all PCS terminal products. For more than 20 years, PCS has been committed to excellence in design as an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Focusing on design, ergonomics and ecology enhances the value and the emotional quality of the products–just as much as the technical quality. 

Our quest for exceptional products has been highlighted by numerous awards starting with iF 89 to the latest nomination for the German Design Award 2018 for the terminal INTUS 5540. And further awards as the International Design Preis Schweiz, Design Innovationen, Red Dot NRW, Designforum Nürnberg or the nomintation as a contender for the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor (now German Design Award). PCS products are regularly presented in national and international exhibitions as examples of contemporary European design. 

Industrial designers Alexander Neumeister and Thomas Detemple from ergon3Design have given the PCS products their unmistakable profile of innovation, ergonomics, and functionality.


PCS products offer user-friendly interfaces and years of trouble-free operation, also in rough environment and daily-use: valuable assets for increasing investment security and minimizing ongoing system operating costs. PCS relies on standards. This means that expansions, system upgrades and special requests are possible even after many years of service. Let us prove it.

PCS develops and manufactures in accordance with ISO 9001. Our products stand the test of time in harsh industrial environments and in tough everyday use. PCS relies on standards. This means that expansions, system upgrades and special requests are possible even after many years of service. Let us prove it.


PCS has been certified as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) effective from 13 June 2017.



  • BHE German Assocation of Manufacturers and Producers of Security Technology

  • FA ZKT Fachausschuss Zutrittskontrolle BHE (BHE special committee for access control)