PCS to present two new biometric access readers at it-sa 2019’s “Bayern Innovativ” joint stand.

The it-sa is the leading IT security fair and meeting place for IT experts from industry, service and administration. PCS will use this year’s edition to present two leading-edge biometric access readers at the “Bayern Innovativ” joint stand, drawing attention to the fact that a company’s security begins at its gates. The Munich-based company develops and distributes hardware for access control and time recording as one of the leaders in this market.

At the it-sa, PCS will premier the current version of its 1600PS-II palm vein authentication system as well as its new INTUS 800FP fingerprint reader. Both biometric readers combine security with ease of use, enabling high-security solutions based on multi-factor authentication for particularly sensitive zones such as data centers or research floors.

INTUS 1600PS palm vein authentication takes a technological leap.
The new version of PCS’s INTUS 1600PS palm vein reader boasts significantly increased performance taking its user-friendliness to the next level. it-sa visitors will have the first chance to see the new model, which starts the recognition process even while the user’s hand is still moving towards the device. The system only needs a quick capture of the palm to match the data with the stored palm vein template. Further advances concern INTUS 1600PS-II’s use in outdoor applications: Thanks to its improved sensor, the device can be deployed even when exposed to sunlight – in weather-protected places. The INTUS 1600PS palm vein reader supports both identification and verification, which makes it perfect for use in high-security areas such as data centers or research floors. INTUS PS palm vein recognition has a proven track record of more then 500 successful projects since 2008. Since a person’s palm vein pattern is unique, this biometric method is particularly well suited for unambiguous identification of an individual with an excellent false acceptance rate (FAR) of only 0.00008%.

INTUS 800FP increases user comfort.

When it comes to security, the human factor always needs to be considered. A security system is only any good if it is accepted by the users. Here’s where the new INTUS 800FP access reader comes in – it combines security with ease of use. Using a finger as an access medium has a clear advantage: In contrast to a card or PIN code, you can’t forget it. And it’s even possible to enroll a “threat finger” to trigger an alarm per fingerprint. The new access reader works with a fast and efficient optical sensor. The memory capacity was increased so that the INTUS 800FP can now accommodate up to 10.000 templates for deployment in larger enterprises. Moreover, it can work in both identification and verification mode because an additional integrated RFID reader and a PIN keypad enable multi-factor authentication. The INTUS 800FP behaves just like a standard RFID reader within the PCS access control system and works perfectly in conjunction with other methods.

PCS will showcase both leading-edge access readers from 8 to 10 October 2019 at the it-sa in Nuremberg, Germany, joint stand “Bayern Innovativ”.