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PCS works with approximately 100 software and system house partners from all over the world. They offer security solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology.

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Technology consulting, ordering, layout, personalization -
Company ID cards as a versatile identification medium.

The employee ID card as the central medium of your organization.

Your employee ID cards are an important part of your company organization. They enable time recording, people and vehicle access control, and their read/write functions connect them to other applications, such as payment in the cafeteria or follow-me printing.

When purchasing your ID cards, it is important to plan ahead: technology standards, storage capacities and security levels, RFID-based or virtual app for the smartphone - with which medium is your company well positioned for the future?

PCS helps you choose the right technology for you. We advise you on all aspects. We then deliver personalized cards in your layout or configure your virtual badges for use via smartphone.

  • Consulting and concept development.
  • RFID media in many colors and custom layouts.
  • Virtual ID cards for the smartphone.
  • Customer-specific parameters archived for reorders.
  • Advise on migrating to state-of-the-art RFID technology.
RFID-Schlüsselanhänger gibt es in verschiedenen Bauformen, Farben und Technologien.

The right card for the future.

PCS has known the market for more than 40 years and offers know-how around the card as a service. We provide you with competent advice on selecting the right technology and show you all the possibilities for what you can use your identification media for. We help you to choose a future-oriented technology that will last in the long term and is compatible with new applications.

We will test existing ID cards free of charge, for current security standards and compatibility with INTUS terminals.

RFID cards for access control, employee badges, payment in the staff restaurant

Cards printed for you.

We supply RFID identification media according to your specifications and in your layout. Cards can be printed in many colors, key fobs are available in many colors. Find out all the details under ID printing data.
With careful archiving, PCS ensures that customer-specific card parameters are available for the long term. This proves its worth when additional cards are required years later or the card is to be used in multi-applications at a later date. We are already thinking about tomorrow today. mit Leser

The ID card becomes an app with

With the app, your smartphone becomes a virtual company ID card for access control and time recording. The application can be used as a supplement or alternative to existing RFID access control.

With, you authorize people remotely, without physically handing over a card. This saves time and money.

Network On Card is used to integrate offline components – access control online and offline.

PCS range of services


  • Free identity card test
  • Selection of appropriate media
  • Card production, printing and delivery of identification media
  • Delivery of QR codes for
  • Delivery of printing systems
  • Delivery of coding stations
  • Archival of PICC master keys, IAM card

Services for access cards

RFID-Schlüsselanhänger gibt es in verschiedenen Bauformen, Farben und Technologien.

ID card test

There are many vendors of RFID identification media on the market, and product quality varies greatly. In particular inexpensive cards from Asia will often cause problems.

But even high-quality cards may have built-in antennas of a design that will not reliably function with certain types of reader.

We will test your existing cards and tags to resolve any issues in advance.

Test your card

RFID cards for access control, employee badges, payment in the staff restaurant

ID card creation

By delivering “turnkey” ID cards and key tags, PCS is saving you time, money and, frequently, trouble as well.

We supply RFID identification media according to your project requirements.

You prefer to print your own ID cards? We will assist you with solutions including printers for PVC cards and paper visitor passes, the MADA personalization system and complete encoding stations.

ID card creation

Requirements for printing data

RFID key tags are available in various designs, colors and technologies.


Modern RFID media require a lot of expertise and sophisticated logistics which PCS provides over the long term by archiving of the customer-specific card parameters. This service is highly valued by our customers.

In today’s highly flexible work environment nobody in the company may remember who was responsible for employee ID cards after only a few years. PCS’s archiving service solves this problem in an elegant way.

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