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PCS works with approximately 100 software and system house partners from all over the world. They offer security solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology.

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For a wide variety of assemblies and applications.

Robust - inexpensive - versatile.

PCS offers RFID readers for surface or flush mounting and designed for use with door intercom systems, switch ranges and other special applications.

The RFID readers of the INTUS family are provided with the standardized and widely used reading methods Mifare, LEGIC, Hitag and EM4102/4200.

Use your smartphone with the app for convenient access booking at INTUS readers.

Additional identification methods such as HID are available on request for many of our products.

  • Glass or plastic surface.
  • RFID access control with or without PIN.
  • Integration with standard switch ranges or industrial communication systems.
  • Wide variety of special readers available for special applications.


Wall readers are the most widely used RFID readers. They offer maximum mounting flexibility and can be installed on-wall or in-wall.

Depending on the reader type, indoor or outdoor use is possible.


Readers for surface or flush mounting

INTUS 700INTUS 700slim | INTUS 620


The INTUS 700slim reader is only 32 mm wide to fit narrow door frames or jambs.


You can integrate INTUS RFID readers directly into your door communication system. They perfectly match the design of your door intercom system or communication column.

We offer you integrated access readers for leading systems such as , Ritto Portier and Siedle Vario.



Readers for door intercom systems 

INTUS 400 Ritto Portier/Behnke| INTUS 700 Siedle 

INTUS 400 Siedle RFID reader built into a grey Siedle door intercom system


RFID readers for branded switch ranges are installed directly in the wall box.

They are available for more than 30 different installation portfolios from leading manufacturers such as Busch-Jaeger, Berker, Elso, Jung, Gira, Merten, Kopp, Popp and PEHA.

PCS RFID readers will blend in perfectly with your architectural environment.

Simply select the design that best matches your solution.


Readers for branded switch ranges


Hand of a man holding a card in front of an INTUS 410 RFID reader mounted on a white wall next to a door.

Special Readers

Motorized readers allow very secure reading and writing of ID card data as well as secure retention of ID cards when the users leave the building.

Desktop readers play an important role for secure access control of PC systems or info terminals with access cards as a vital element.


Special readers

Motorized readers | Desktop readers

Brick Z RFID-Tischleser

Biometric Readers

PCS has many years of profound expertise in biometrics and implements biometric projects based on fingerprint and palm vein authentication.

Fingerprint readers such as INTUS 800FP or INTUS 5320FP employ RFID as well as biometric verification and identification for enhanced security and comfort.

PCS’s patented INTUS 1600PS palm vein reader perfectly combines simplicity with high security to implement the highest levels of security in access control.


Biometric readers



One hand holds the index finger on the sensor of the INTUS 800FP fingerprint reader.

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