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PCS works with approximately 100 software and system house partners from all over the world. They offer security solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology.

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Sophisticated solutions for all your time management needs.

Time management – from terminal to software.

Recorded attendance times are the basis for sophisticated solutions centering around time management, workforce management, workforce scheduling, cafeteria data and employee information systems.

INTUS time recording terminals  are not  tied to  a  single application but perfectly  match the diverse workforce management solutions offered by  our PCS software partners. SAP users can take advantage  of our turnkey DEXICON solution.

The app turns the smartphone into an identification medium for time recording.

PCS demonstrates with selected reference customers what's possible with time and  attendance recording.

  •  INTUS family: a comprehensive range of products for any requirement.
  • INTUS time recording terminals are available for a wide variety of  software applications.
  • Intuitive user interfaces with touchscreen or membrane keyboard.
  • The smartphone as a company ID card using

MORE THAN 100 PARTNERS worldwide

Approximately 100 software and system house partners  offer solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology. The cooperation with technology partners enhances the competitiveness of PCS products in particular in biometrics, advanced identification/RFID technology and video technology. PCS creates partnerships for your benefit.

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Time recording benefits enterprises and employees.

  • Flexible working hours.
    Time and attendance recording based on PCS’s INTUS terminals supports flexible working-hour models allowing for an effective work-life balance at different stages of an employee’s life, e.g. when they are starting a family or caring for relatives.

  • Retaining employees.
    Enterprises will attain high employee engagement levels when people feel that they are being taken seriously and have individual options to reconcile their family and work lives. Working hours accounts, or time banks, afford greater freedom in life and career planning – even over long periods of time.
  • Efficient planning.

    Enterprises will benefit in a variety of other ways as well since the technology enables them to plan efficiently, to fully tap existing potentials and to mobilize “hidden reserves” for handling production peaks without additional staff.

  • Workforce scheduling.

    Workforce scheduling can be applied to any industry or sector, from manufacturing and public authorities such as police services to commerce. Industry-specific software solutions take care of the special requirements.

Woman books working time with fingerprint on INTUS 5320FP terminal

Time recording saves costs.

Electronic time and attendance recording has replaced manual time clocks and punch cards since the beginning of the 1970s.

As early as the 1990s, enterprises recognized the increasing importance of modern time management systems and their potential for businesses.

The immediate provision of payroll accounting data takes a burden off HR departments.

Resources such as staff, rooms or machines can be planned more efficiently.

Hand with RFID card books the working time at the INTUS 5540 time recording terminal.

Integrating time recording with ERP systems such as SAP creates synergies, simplifies administration and increases a company’s productivity.

Multifunctional card systems further drive down costs when an employee’s ID card is not only used for time recording but also for access control, visitor management, production data collection (PDC) and in the cafeteria.

Intelligent systems link these applications throughout the organization.


Reference customers

Many well-known and large companies rely on time recording solution from PCS and its partners.
Here’s a small selection:

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