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Our partner

PCS works with approximately 100 software and system house partners from all over the world. They offer security solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology.

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The basis for time management, workforce management, duty planning, cafeteria data or personnel information systems.

Interactive and mobile time recording.

Are you looking for dialog-based user guidance with clearly structured input masks, unambiguous signals and graphical touch interfaces?

PCS offers you a full portfolio of time recording terminals from compact to all-round devices, from basic recording terminals to multitasking employee information stations.
Let’s find out together which time recording terminal suits you best.


Compact terminals   Standard terminals   All-round terminals   PDA terminals


Time recording for minimalists.

You don’t have a lot of space and need a terminal that allows you to “keep it simple”?
Here’s what we've got for you: our INTUS 5200 and 5205 compact terminals complete with glass surface, touch operated color display and integrated RFID reader.

In fact, the compact INTUS 5200 models come up with even more options. Prepare to be surprised.

  • Compact robust housing with integrated RFID reader.
  • Color touchscreen with 3.5” QVGA display.
  • Heating for outdoor use.
  • Door control via digital inputs/outputs.
  • WLAN or mobile radio connection.


INTUS 5205 The terminal combines a very compact housing with a surprisingly large color touchscreen.
INTUS 5200 The compact time recording terminal with all-glass surface or hybrid touch display and membrane keyboard.


The classic terminal for ergonomic time recording.

Are you interested in classic time recording – robust, clearly structured and easy to operate?

Then pick one of our standard models: Each one offers sufficient memory even for a larger number of employees and is ready for offline access control or the connection of  additional access readers.

  • Bright LCD screen.
  • Membrane keyboard with freely programmable smart keys.
  • Heating for outdoor use.
  • Door control via digital inputs/outputs.


INTUS 5320 INTUS 5320, the classic terminal from PCS, with inclined display.
INTUS 5500 The INTUS 5500 convinces by proven functionality and AutoClone in case of service.


The true all-rounders with added functionality.

You would like to record times and operational data, implement your requirements flexibly, and enjoy great freedom when it comes to connecting additional devices?

Our all-round models offer a modern user interface and up-to-date design as well as connection options for external readers and devices. In case of service AutoClone ensures a quick exchange of spare parts.

In short: Our all-round terminals offer you utmost flexibility and set standards in every respect.

  • Antiglare color display with touchscreen.
  • Protection class up to IP65.
  • Touch user interface according to your wishes and requirements.
  • Connection of up to 16 access readers.


INTUS 5540 Colour screen, robust membrane keyboard, programmable smartkeys - a universal all-rounder.
INTUS 5600 With individual touch user interface - a statement for your company CI.


Terminal for time recording and for PDA.

Flexible and fanless industrial PCs with touchscreens and factory data acquisition terminals deliver up-to-date data to your ERP, MES or operating and quality data system. When processed, the key figures for your efficient corporate management are available.

The outstanding design also offers additional fields of application. As info-PC in the entrance hall for the information of the employees and visitors. And for ordering food in the canteen or for booking or viewing the meeting room.

  • Compact info PCs.
  • Universal use in all areas.
  • Scalable from Intel Quad Core Atom to Core i3.
  • Robust and shapely.


INTUS 6800 The scalable and multifunctional industrial PC for PCA/MDA, laboratory / quality data acquisition or POI applications in 15 and 19 inch.
INTUS 5600 With individual touch user interface - a statement for your company CI.
PDA accessories PCS offers a range of readers connecting to INTUS PDC terminals to facilitate user-friendly and reliable scanning of barcodes or RFID tags on order papers or goods for production data aquisition.

MORE THAN 100 PARTNERS worldwide

Approximately 100 software and system house partners  offer solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology. The cooperation with technology partners enhances the competitiveness of PCS products in particular in biometrics, advanced identification/RFID technology and video technology. PCS creates partnerships for your benefit.

Solution partners     Installation partners

Technology partners | Become a partner


Reference customers

Many well-known and large companies rely on time recording solution from PCS and its partners.
Here’s a small selection:

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