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Our partner

PCS works with approximately 100 software and system house partners from all over the world. They offer security solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology.

Solution partner

Installation partner

Professional hardware and powerful video software are the most important prerequisites for video surveillance.

Video surveillance and video management.

When it comes to video surveillance, video analysis and video management, the scalable and extremely powerful Qognify Cayuga software (formerly SeeTec) has proven itself as an excellent solution.

The Cayuga video surveillance software is used for a variety of purposes such as building, industrial site, city and traffic surveillance, environmental monitoring, license plate recognition and people counting.

Further applications in addition to the classical surveillance of people and objects include quality assurance, environmental protection, market analysis and personal security.

On request, PCS will provide the Cayuga software package fully installed and set up on a CONVISION NVS (Network Video Server). This will allow you to put your video surveillance system into operation as fast as possible.

  • Simple setup of cameras and video encoders in the system.
  • Rapidly configurable views and site plans.
  • Modular video management system.
  • Reliable monitoring of multiple screens.
Monitor with image from Cayuga license plate recognition

Scalable solution.

Cayuga offers various basic systems plus options that can be added as your requirements increase.

This means that the power of a software system capable of handling thousands of cameras is readily available even in a small or medium-sized installation at favorable conditions – an invaluable advantage for the customer.

The intuitive, easy to learn user interface facilitates the simple and transparent management of both small and large installations.

With Cayuga you can pixelate certain private zones or public areas.

Video surveillance and privacy.

Cayuga allows you to pixelate certain private zones or public areas.

Only the area to be surveilled will be clearly visible. This protects privacy while meeting surveillance requirements.

A strong privacy solution.

Cayuga license plate recognition screenshot

Technical specifications

  • Excellent reliability and scalability.
  • Windows, web and mobile client for Android and iOS.
  • Integrable with corporate networks via OPC to control center, SNMP, SMTP, TCP/HTTP alarms.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support.
  • Support for a wide variety of camera models from all the market-leading manufacturers.
  • UVV-Kassen and Fiducia
    for use in banks.

Industry packages

  • Cayuga Logistics solution
    Seamless consignment tracking from goods receipt to goods issue through integration with the inventory control or warehouse management system.
  • Cayuga Commerce solution
    Superimposing the receipt on the video image documenting the payment process helps clarifying inventory differences.
  • Cayuga Penitentiary solution
    Video surveillance combined with video analysis reliably secures penitentiaries.
  • Cayuga Finance solution
    Integration of cash dispenser and money counting machine data with video images allows secure transactions and analysis of counting differences.

Services of PCS Systemtechnik.

We support you all the way from consulting to maintenance. You are free to choose the service you need and would like to make use of.

  • Consultation

    We create a sustainable security concept for all your needs together with you.


  • Developing Concept

    Developing a comprehensive security concept can be a challenge. We'll gladly assist you.


  • Project Planning

    Based on your security concept we create a detailed project plan.

    Project Planning 

  • Installation

    A professional installation is a prerequisite for a successfully use of software and years of trouble-free operation of the devices.


  • Training

    To ensure a smooth start to the new system, we train your employees in all necessary skills.


  • Maintenance

    You have the choice: maintenance contracts, Software maintenance contracts, equipment service, remote maintenance, preventive maintenance. We’ll support you as you like.


Worth knowing

See our “Worth knowing” section for important additional information concerning video surveillance.

Worth knowing

Mandatory on-the-spot notices highlighting the use of video surveillance, Admissible retention periods of video recordings

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