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PCS works with approximately 100 software and system house partners from all over Europe. They offer security solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology.

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License plate recognition

The perfect enhancement to access control.

Automated vehicle access control.

License plate recognition controls authorized access to parking lots and company premises. Barriers will open automatically when an authorized vehicle approaches. An integrated ticket system will restrict access authorizations to certain times.

In this way, license plate recognition a perfectly complements electronic access control. Combined with the DEXICON access solution, the technology saves administrative effort and simplifies workflows.

  • Vehicle database containing key vehicle attributes.
  • Access profiles to implement spatio-temporal access rules.
  • Optionally combined with the driver’s access badge.
  • Complementary visual checks by security personnel.
A comfortable control of the access roads on your company premises enables license plate recognition.

Possible scenarios.

License plate recognition from video sequences allows for convenient vehicle access saving time and labor.

  • Barriers at privileged parking lots will only open for vehicles from a defined group of persons or vehicles.
  • Pre-announced trucks will directly head toward the assigned delivery bays.
  • Transparency on all the vehicles present on the premises without need for additional manual registration.
  • All vehicle accesses are stored to the database and can be traced.
  • Evaluation for statistical purposes, for example, to list all vehicles by origin, or to ascertain the total number of accesses over a certain period of time.
Monitor with image from Cayuga license plate recognition

Powerful interfaces for your application.

PCS recommends special cameras with a powerful infra-red flash for license plate recognition to ensure reliable recognition even in difficult light conditions.

License plate recognition as a Cayuga add-on module can be used from variant S100 of the video management software. The LPR module can automatically read license plate formats from numerous countries, including Cyrillic and Arabic fonts.
For integration with PCS’s DEXICON Enterprise software, the Vehicle access controladd-on module is required.
Interfacing via CSV import/export of camera data or software integration via the RESTful web service can be used to enhance your own proprietary application with license plate recognition.

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