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PCS works with approximately 100 software and system house partners from all over the world. They offer security solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology.

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Video analysis complements and enhances classical video surveillance.

Video management - video analysis.

Video surveillance systems generate large volumes of video data. Security personnel tasked with permanently monitoring hundreds of screens will quickly become overburdened.

Video analysis helps you minimize false alarms caused by rain or snow if only motion detection is used in outdoor locations.

Qognify VMS was developed by PCS partner Qognify (formerly SeeTec), the leading vendor of horizontal, manufacturer-neutral video surveillance and video management software in the D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and one of the market leaders worldwide.

  • Immediately detect critical situations.
  • Automatic alerting of security personnel.
  • Marketing and business applications.
  • Access regulations based on license plate recognition.
  • Pixelation with private zone setting.

License plate recognition - Comfortable access for employees and customers.

License plate recognition.

Convenient access for employees and clients. Secure and time-saving access control for suppliers. Unauthorized vehicles are reliably kept out.

License plate recognition facilitates interesting solutions that simplify workflows, save costs and reduce manual processing at the gate.


License plate recognition

Screenshot of Qognify VMS Analytics Server with a man marked in red on a green patch of lawn

Virtual tripwires.

Virtual tripwires offer much better recognition of persons than conservative motion detection based on pixel changes.

Virtual tripwires allow localized as well as directional and size-dependent detection with very high precision.

Automated analysis.

Video analysis performs automatic classification of objects and reduces false alarms. It automatically analyzes the intrusion of objects into a surveilled area, motion in the wrong direction or people loitering. Direction of movement recognition triggers an automatic alarm for an illegal exit.

Parking lot analysis can be used to control the display of free and occupied parking spaces.

With Cayuga you can pixelate certain private zones or public areas.

Private zones.

When video surveillance is performed, there is often the requirement to exclude certain areas from monitoring for privacy reasons. Qognify VMS reliably pixelates such private zones.

Screenshot of Qognify VMS Analytics Server with a man marked in red on a green patch of lawn

Object detection.

The forlan C3 ObjectVis solution reliably detects objects left in, or removed from, indoor areas.

It is used to monitor emergency exits, escape routes, services passages or server rooms. Analyzing critical areas of shops, museums or airports are additional use cases. If an emergency access for the fire department is blocked by parked cars, forlan C3 ObjectVis alerts the security personnel who can take immediate action.

PTZ camera in a shopping arcade

Video analysis in business.

Beyond security applications, video analysis can also be used to optimize business processes,

for example by counting people, creating heat maps or <strong/>automatically determining sex and age. This allows analysis and improvement of staffing, traffic patterns and customer groups.

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