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PCS works with approximately 100 software and system house partners from all over Europe. They offer security solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology.

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PCS delivery traffic management

Accelerated handling of loading and unloading traffic.

Simplified handling.

PCS delivery traffic management facilitates the handling of all loading and unloading traffic on your premises. The system covers the traffic on your site from arrival to acknowledgment at the loading bay.

It captures all vehicle movements in conjunction with the delivery and/or collection of goods. Movement data is stored in an audit-compliant and traceable way.

PCS delivery traffic management is an add-on to PCS’s visitor management system This means that the management of visits is facilitated along with the management of traffic on your premises.

  • E-mail notification about planned visits.
  • Information on all deliveries and collections stored in an audit-compliant way.
  • Documented safety briefing.
  • Truck call-up by information panel or pager.
Open barriers or gates automatically using video-based license plate recognition or RFID readers.

Securely documented.

When PCS delivery traffic management is combined with the DEXICON access control software, the driver receives an access card granting access to certain rooms or buildings.

A motorized reader at the exit will reliably collect access cards issued to drivers when they drive off the premises. The ID card history integrated with PCS delivery traffic management allows you to retrace at any time which person used a certain ID card during what period of time.

Safety briefing input screen

Safety briefing.

If a safety briefing is required for drivers arriving at the premises to prevent accidents during operations on site, will automate the process. Every driver will be asked to complete the briefing online at a kiosk terminal and subsequently answer a few questions to check learning success. This will give your employees time to work on more important tasks.

The safety briefing allows you to document in an audit-compliant way that drivers have been appropriately informed about the safety standards and regulations on your site.

PCS delivery traffic management is the solution for the logistics and safety issues of vehicle traffic on company premises. Trucks will be preregistered, and a safety briefing as well as visitor ID badges can be integrated.

Data and facts

  • Pre-registration including hand-out of standard documentation to drivers
  • Logged safety briefing including questionnaire
  • Browser application compatible with MS Edge, Firefox and MS Internet Explorer
  • AD integration / single sign-on
  • Encrypted communications between browser and server

Technical data


  • Web server: MS IIS from v7.0
  • Operating systems: current Windows Server versions starting with 2008 SP2
  • Database: MS SQL Server from 2008


  • Operating systems: MS Windows from Windows 8
  • Browser: MS Edge, MS IE from v11, Firefox from v20
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