Handelshof have been using a time & attendance recording and access control solution from PCS since 2002. In recent years, regulations have become stricter, in particular those governing hygiene. For the wholesaler of meat and sausage products doubling as a manufacturer at most of its sites, this made it necessary to drastically restructure its work organization as even more stringent requirements had to be met in meat production and delivery logistics. Employees in these departments must pass through a hygiene lock to reach their workplace. They also must keep to prescribed paths on the premises. Access to the meat and sausage production areas is only permitted for staff working in that department or for management. Handelshof was able to comply with the EU regulations by means of a PCS access control system. PCS access readers prevent any unauthorized personnel from access to the meat production facilities.

The solution and its benefits

PCS’s flexible terminal and access reader concept was particularly convincing. It allowed meeting the current requirements of the EU Hygiene Directive for food production based on a PCS access control solution. The PCS terminals have proved to be very reliable and easy to maintain over a long period of time: older and newer generations of INTUS terminals have been in continuous use for almost ten years now.