HUK-COBURG had to set up a robust and low-maintenance access control and time management system for its headquarters in Coburg, Germany, and 39 branch offices.
The insurance company was looking for a secure and reliable system that would make it possible to administer all the branch offices as well as the headquarters from a single site.

The solution and its benefits

On the software side, HUK selected the Taris solution from PCS partner ATOSS, while on the hardware side, PCS was awarded the contract for the 220 time & attendance recording terminals and 500 access devices that were installed in the network. 
The customer’s satisfaction with the PCS products is reflected by the fact that HUK now has the third generation of INTUS devices in use. To this day, the equipment has demonstrated excellent reliability, ease of maintenance and multifunctional operability. Even in adverse situations such as electrical power outages the devices have proven themselves.

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