ERBE Elektromedizin GmbH is a company with a long history going back to the 19th century, when Christian Heinrich Erbe was instrumental in the invention of the clinical thermometer. Today, a worldwide staff of approximately 520 develop systems for electrosurgery, waterjet surgery and cryosurgery.


When it comes to time & attendance recording, personnel planning and access protection, ERBE Medizintechnik from Swabia in southern Germany relies on tisoware’s modular software solution and INTUS terminals from PCS.For time & attendance recording, ERBE employs INTUS terminals in conjunction with the time & attendance recording/personnel planning application from PCS partner tisoware. This is a complete solution that covers everything from access control and personnel planning to working time management and PDC including production data visualization. Employees use Legic ID cards to quickly and conveniently clock in at the reader terminals.

The solution and its benefits

ERBE has implemented the tisoware.ZEIT and tisoware.PEP applications for time & attendance recording. Clock-in terminals are placed at entrances and other strategic points. tisoware.ZEIT calculates overtime and shift times including premiums from the collected data and automatically transfers the information to the payroll system. “T&A recording and personnel planning are very important for us because we have flexible working hours”, emphasizes Karl-Heinz Kraft, Head of Finance, HR and Accounting with ERBE. “Employees can use their Legic ID cards to quickly and conveniently clock in at the terminal devices provided by PCS. The same terminals can be used to preorder a meal in the cafeteria – the costs of the meal will then be directly deducted from the employee’s wages.”