The GfK Group from Nuremberg was faced with the question if, besides RFID access control, there was also a suitable biometric technology to protect its confidential data. Controlling the access to its data center is vital for a company that deals in fundamental knowledge, i.e. sensitive data and information needed by industry, commerce, the service sector and the media to take the right market decisions. The GfK Group is the world’s number 4 market research company – reason enough to effectively protect the data center and the data processed in it from any attempted attacks or manipulation, but also from theft.

The solution and its benefits

GfK decided to implement palm vein recognition technology for access control purposes. The INTUS PCS palm vein reader not only checks an employee’s ID card or personal PIN code, but also verifies his or her biological identity. When a person attempts access, the palm vein pattern presented to the system is matched against the patterns in the database. Only if the identity of the person is unambiguously verified will the door to the data center open. This advanced security solution equips GfK to thwart even the most sophisticated hacker and fraud efforts of modern data thieves and enables the company to provide physical protection for the data center.


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