For speeding up the incoming good process please complete the repair  request, if you want to send a damaged device to the PCS service department, and click to the "send" button.

You will receive a complete repair form with the ticket number within one working day. Please send this repair form together with the damaged device to PCS.

Important NOTE

By submitting the repair order, you generate a repair order ticket. This ticket will be processed and read by our support team after the receipt of your hardware.

If you have a request or a question about the repair, which should be answered by us before your hardware dispatch, please send a separate message to

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For the estimation we charge a flat rate of 50 €. This amount will be credited to you with a repair.
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Tip: The device type and the device associated serial number (SN) is usually below the terminal. If this is not the case, try to find a similar nameplate like the following:

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