PCS terminals are connected to higher-level computers or hosts via standard interfaces. PCS offers a range of software modules to facilitate the host connection, the interfacing with application software, the programming of the INTUS terminals, and, as of late, the parameterization, monitoring and maintenance of the data acquisition systems as much and as cost efficiently as possible. PCS software modules save development and learning time and result in the fast commmissioning of an installation.

All the modules offered have been proven in practice. PCS provides dedicated training and helps you connect your INTUS terminal in no time at all.

INTUS Access ND is an access control software for smaller installations. More

The current INTUS DEXICON Enterprise for SAP software manages access control and time recording with a certified interface to the SAP ERP system.

DEXICON Enterprise is the powerful, scalable access control software for all enterprise sizes More

PCS Besuchermanagement, die Software zur Administration aller Besuche
PCS Besuchermanagement, die Software zur Administration aller Besuche

PCS visitor management makes sure that all events related to visits are recorded quickly, efficiently and reliably, so that you can always keep track of who’s on your premises at any given time  More

The integrated video documentation means that cameras are installed at critical access points and interface with the access control system  More

This DEXICON add-on module is automatically managing the access of incoming cars or trucks based on their license plates  More