This compact access control software features an innovative user interface and is the ideal solution for implementing smaller access control systems covering up to 500 employees and 40 access points.

INTUS Access ND’s innovative user interface has been consistently designed to meet user needs. Operation of PCS’s access control application is simple and intuitive. During set-up, INTUS Access ND guides the user step by step through the installation process. The software is particularly suited for small and medium sized enterprises. As a pure web application, INTUS Access ND is controlled via a proven browser. The application’s maintenance free design protects your investment.

INTUS Access ND controls and manages up to ten INTUS ACM40 or INTUS ACM80e Access Control Managers networked via Ethernet with connected INTUS access readers, electric door openers, barriers, turnstiles and monitoring contacts.

All Access Control Managers operate autonomously and securely based on their local database parameterized and updated by INTUS Access ND. INTUS Access ND in conjunction with INTUS Access Control Managers constitutes an offline capable system: After configuration, you can simply switch off the  INTUS Access ND machine. The software does without complex functions and therefore ensures quick and easy installation, a fast learning curve as well as ease of operation.

On request, INTUS Access ND comes pre-installed on a compact computer complete with the web server and integrated database also covered by the license. Power up, and the system is ready to run.

Key features

  • Simple set-up
  • Simple parameterization
  • Fast start-up
  • All access events logged to the database
  • Newsfeed notification on reader and door events
  • Administration of access rights for certain areas, times
  • Employee master data import via CSV file
  • For up to 200 or 500 employees
  • For up to 10 INTUS ACM40 / ACM80e devices and up to 40 INTUS access readers