While video surveillance is focused on providing live video images from cameras to security staff, integrated video documentation means that cameras are installed at critical access points and interface with the access control system.

This technology developed by PCS is characterized by the close integration of video surveillance and access control functionality so that an event in the access control system will trigger an alarm recording. The captured image sequence is then stored together with the event for later analysis. 

The advantage for you: all the image data directly associated with an alarm event is immediately visible under the single software platform of the access control system. Video documentation ensures the fast and precise analysis of a threat situation – eliminating the need to search for the alarm situation in a video recording – and prevents false alarms. And the complete video recording is of course available for the detailed analysis of extended time periods prior to or following an alarm event using the video surveillance software.

Access control events which are supposed to trigger a video recording can be parameterized.

A PCS innovation.