Intelligent and cloud-ready access manager for two to four doors, decentrally controls access readers, doors, turnstiles. INTUS ACM40e Akku gets the full function even in case of power failure.

INTUS ACM40e is an intelligent, compact and cloud-ready access control manager. It decentrally controls two to four doors or turnstiles. All PCS readers including biometrics can be connected. With Ethernet TCP / IP interface, it is optimally suited for networked access control. An extension of the system is thus easily possible at any time.

Compared to its predecessor, the INTUS ACM40, it has a faster CPU (G45 / 400 MHz), which speeds up the download of data and the searching of master records by an average of 60 percent. In addition, the HTTPS interface enables easy integration of the INTUS ACM40e in a cloud environment.

The INTUS ACM40e locally stores the room / time profiles and is suitable for storing 99,000 / 160,000 master / booking records. It is equipped with standard-compliant interfaces for door control and monitoring, a tamper contact and an interface for fire alarm or burglar alarm system. The battery-backed model INTUS ACM40e Akku gets full functionality even in case of power failure. Power is supplied via 110 / 230V, 12 ... 24V wide range power supply or Ultra-PoE. The reader and door opener voltage can be set to 12 V or 24 V.

Integrated protection

To protect the sensitive access data, the INTUS ACM40e is equipped with a full security package: an embedded firewall to protect against attacks from the internal coprorate network, data encryption to the host and access readers to prevent unauthorized eavesdropping on the lines, and a three-level password system for remote set-up and maintenance to assign clearly defined change privileges to different user groups.

Current encryption technologies such as AES128, TLS 1.2 or PACE secure the data and service port.

Key features

  • Intelligent access control manager for typically 2 to 4 doors (up to 200m in length)
  • Switchable reader / door opener voltage 12V / 24V
  • Connection to burglar or fire alarm systems
  • 4 inputs (opto-decoupled)
    - 1 bistable relay
    - 2 changeover relays
  • Data encryption to the host and identification reader
    - Data port: AES128 and TLS 1.2
    - Service Port: AES128 and PACE
  • Power supply
    - 110 ... 230 V interference-proof industrial power supply
    - 12 ... 24 V low voltage wide range power supply
    - PoE 802.3bt
  • Optionally with integrated emergency power supply up to 4 hours (INTUS ACM40e Akku)
  • Weight: 6.5 kg (8.4 kg with battery)
  • Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 225 x 369 x 64 (without battery) / 255 x 420 x 90 (with battery)