PCS has long-standing and profound know-how in biometrics and is implementing biometrics projects based on fingerprint and facial recognition for industrial enterprises, research companies and universities. PCS biometrics is the state of the art in a technology predicted to have a major impact on security technology in the future. PCS offers uniquely practice-oriented and technically profound consultation and project services in biometrics.

INTUS PS palm vein authentication based on the PalmSecure technology from Fujitsu ideally combines the simplicity of fingerprint with high security requirements.

The INTUS fingerprint solutions offers a uniquely reliable and proven fingerprint identification method. The verification process via a proximity ID card and the identification process ensures highest security and ease of use. A training station for the initial generation of fingerprint templates is included.

Palm vein authentication with INTUS 1600PS is a technology that ideally combines the simplicity of fingerprint with highest security requirements. More

INTUS 800FP: A perfectly designed access reader for verification against a card (Mifare, Legic) and equally suited for identification purposes - high comfort thanks to fingerprint recognition. More