Palm vein authentication with INTUS 1600PS is a technology that ideally combines the simplicity of fingerprint with high security requirements.

INTUS 1600PS palm vein authentication is is based on the PalmSecure technology from Fujitsu that ideally combines the simplicity of fingerprint with high security requirements. The layout of the veins remains unchanged throughout a lifetime, and it is different in each individual. Soiled skin, impure skin, or superficial injuries have no effect. 

In the training phase, an individual’s palm vein pattern is recorded, converted to a template, and then saved to a card. To identify a person, the INTUS 1600PS PalmSecure terminal compares the recorded vein pattern with templates on an RFID card. Manipulation is virtually impossible. A person is verified in less than a second. 

The principle of palm vein authentication

Palm vein authentication is based on the absorption of infrared radiation (heat radiation) in blood. The sensor transmits infrared close range radiation towards the palms. The oxygen-reduced blood in the veins absorbs the infrared light.
The sensor camera creates an image of the vein pattern and converts it inside the controller to a template. 

Key features palm vein authentication

  • Easy to use, but highly secure authentication system 
  • Extremely high precision and security
    FAR: 0.000 08%, FRR: 0.01% 
  • High user acceptance thanks to contact-free, hygienical reading 
  • Virtually fraud resistant 
  • Can be fully integrated into INTUS access and time recording solutions via LBus as well as into 3rd party access solutions via Wiegand interface 

Technical data 

INTUS 1600PS reader

  • PalmSecure Sensor from Fujitsu
    (certificated by BSI for Common Criteria Level 2)
  • Glas dome for sensor protection (<media>EPO patent</media>)
  • Display with MagicEye (blue / green / red)
  • Fits to the design of the INTUS 5300 family
  • Optional PIN keypad and RFID reader (Mifare, Legic)
  • Power supply via INTUS PS controller
  • Tamper contact, strong lock
  • Ambient temperature in operation: +5°C ... +40°C
    - with opt. heating: -20°C...+40°C
    - in energy-saving mode: up to +50°C
  • Degree of protection IP30, optionally IP54
  • Optionally also to be integrated into Siedle stand

INTUS PS controller

  • Connection to host: Ethernet 10/100 Base T
  • Wiegand interface for connection to access controll manager from PCS and other vendors
  • Tamper contact
  • 1 digital input, 1 digital output
  • Distance sensor - hand: 3-8 cm
  • Template size: 0,8 kB
  • Time for verification (1:1): < 1 seconds