DEXICON acquires data via conformant and certified interface for the SAP ERP module HCM (HR) for time management including access control.

DEXICON acquires data via conformant and certified interface for the SAP ERP module HCM (HR) for time management including access control. DEXICON helps you get the most out of your SAP ERP and SAP R/3 data. DEXICON has superb references with more than 220 international users, including some big ones. DEXICON stands for reliability and flexibility. Data acquisition is performed via freely programmable INTUS terminals which can be adapted to future modification requirements. PCS has been a certified software partner of SAP since 1990 and is always up-to-date with SAP data acquisition technology. All business management scenarios employees perform on their own will be available as self-service scenarios in the future. PCS provides the corresponding Employee Self Service (ESS) terminal with state-of-the-art PC and touch screen technology. 

DEXICON Enterprise for SAP. Customers with special requirements and sophisticated tasks can rely on PCS for a competent and committed project partner. 

The “lean” DEXICON Enterprise for SAP subsystem with its three pillars of success:

  • innovative and powerful software concept
  • proven INTUS terminals produced in-house
  • experienced Dexicon project team: concentrated expertise for your project

DEXICON for SAP: an exceptional success story. See our recent Dexicon references. 

DEXICON for SAP. Some special features. 

DEXICON includes three modules: time and attendance recording, access control, and production data acquisiton. All the modules are self-contained and can be used in any combination under SAP for maximum flexibility. The user is free to purchase and implement the modules one after the other. 

With installations, in which the collection of the times and the balance-display is to take place not only at terminals, but also on the individual PC, DEXICON makes the easy and simple realization of these functions for Web time registration possible with its flexibly configurable interactive interface. 

DEXICON is completely integrated with SAP. The SAP certified interfaces ensure the secure exchange of data. PCS supports a number of different databases including an interesting free variant. 

Facts and data:

  • on-line and off-line mode
  • multi-client capability
  • full support for all INTUS terminals, readers and access managers including door terminals
  • attractive pricing
  • customized system configuration
  • investment protection via regular alignments with SAP release cycles
  • SAP certified HR-PDC interface (ALE)
  • KK1 and KK2 interfaces
  • PP-PDC interface (ALE)
  • Java-based client/server application with multi-user capability
  • synchronisation of all INTUS data acquisition terminals based on time zones (international projects)
  • mutlilinguism by< configurable terminals
  • continuous validity checking of all data to be submitted to SAP
  • status monitoring of DEXICON and all the connected terminals
  • Investment protection by regular adaptations to SAP release cycles
  • customized engineering
  • high-speed implementation for time management and access control
  • software maintenance and maintenance agreements

Other advantages: 

  • test installation
  • consulting, installation, and commissioning




    DEXICON SAP Brochure


    SAP HR-PDC Certificate - 22. Sep 2014