Offline door terminals, fully integrated into the online access control system

Individual doors are often located outside the local network but are nevertheless supposed to be controlled using the existing identification medium.

Door terminals provide an inexpensive and compatible solution for this requirement and will be integrated by PCS as a part of the complete solution. Door terminals are also suitable for stand-alone use in hotels, for premises with many doors and wherever an advanced stand-alone access control system is to implemented quickly and without any changes to the building structure. PCS offers two state-of-the-art door terminal variants based on Mifare and Legic transponder technology. Compatibility with PCS online access control is ensured.

PCS offers different door terminal variants with different RFID reading systems (Mifare, Hitag, Legic), pin code and contact-chip:

  • Pegasys 100, the self-sufficient stand-alone variant for up to 100 employees per door terminal. The programming is made by a setup-card record.
  • Pegasys 300, the software controlled stand-alone concept, which can be integrated completely into PCS online access-control and time-management.

NetworkOnCard: Offline goes Online. NetworkOnCard now completely integrates PegaSys off-line door terminals into the INTUS on-line access control system. The mechatronical PegaSys door terminals and door cylinders turn into an integral component of an on‑line access control solution which receives data from a higher-level system such as SAP. Using only a single access card, the user is able to open all the approved doors – those equipped with an on-line access reader just as those secured by a mechatronical door terminal. NetworkOnCard automatically updates the access authorization with each booking at an authorization terminal. If an employee uses his or her access card to open a door at an authorization terminal in the morning, the authorizations for the mechatronical door terminals are simultaneously written to the access card. For visitors or third-party employees, the authorization can be restricted to specific doors and specific hours.

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