The identification readers INTUS 315ro, INTUS 400, INTUS 600, INTUS 640H and INTUS 700 are RFID readers for low-wear proximity card reading via very compact and elegant reading stations fitted into standard flush mounted wall boxes. INTUS access readers are available for a full range of standardized reading technologies: Mifare, Legic, Hitag and EM 4002/4102 (read only). Other reading methods such as HID, HID-iClass, SimonsVoss etc. are also available on request.

For additional inputs such as PIN code or for the use of classical identification technologies such as magnetic card, barcode, or chipcard reading, PCS offers the INTUS 1600 access terminals. The biometric access readers INTUS 600FP and INTUS 1600PS are completing the product range.

PCS provides ergonomic identification readers in various versions. Take a look at our project examples to see how fittingly and timelessly PCS access readers and terminals can be integrated with different architectures.

For special applications, PCS offers a wide range of additional readers, such as long range reader for distances of several meters, desktop readers with serial interface for connection to PCs, integration readers to integrate in devices and machines or barcode scanner.

INTUS 700 RFID-Leser mit Glasfront

RFID reader family in compact state-of-the-art glass design for Mifare or Legic reading technologies. Optionally with PIN keyboard. More

INTUS 600 without PIN

RFID reader in compact state-of-the-art design for low-wear proximity card reading using Mifare or Legic reading technologies. Optionally with PIN keyboard. More


INTUS 400 RFID reader for contactless, low-wear card reading. Available for many switch product ranges from leading manufacturer. More


Standard 125 kHz RFID reader for low-wear proximity card reading. Available reading methods: Hitag1/Hitag2 and EM4002 (miro/read only) More

INTUS 1600

Competitively priced online subterminal interfacing to the PCS LBus. Compact. Supports the full range of identification readers including magnetic card, chipcard and barcode readers. More