Scalable industrial PC for multi-functional use with PDA/MDA, laboratory and quality data acquisition, or POI applications. Completely closed, with passive cooling, it is ready for rugged production environments. Low power consumption enables an environment-friendly operation.

The new INTUS 6800p: Multi-functionality for the most diverse applications, scalability up to INTEL Core i3, robustness and environmental-friendliness add to its suitability for rugged daily production routine. High-quality hardware components suitable for 24/7 operation ensure a long lifetime.

Robust housing for powerful CPUs
Stable aluminium frame profile housing reliably protects the INTUS 6800p electronics from dust or moistness up to a IP65 degree of protection. In comparison to synthetic housings, it enables optimal heat dissipation, which permits the use of high-performance processors. Due to its extremely flat housing with a depth of only 45 mm, the device can be mounted even in constricted rooms. On request, housing in stainless steel can be ordered, e.g. for food production.

Bright, high-resolution TFT display for most comfortable operation
The INTUS 6800p is available in two display sizes: As 15“ device with a resolution of 1024 x 768 and as 19” device with 1280x1024 pixels resolution. Highly detailed images, e.g. in quality control or in POI applications, are displayed with great precision. The projected capacitive touchscreen with non-reflecting surface eliminates disturbances due to water drops, dust, oil films, or handprints. The Gorilla/contour glass from Schott is extremely robust and easy to clean. The display’s multi-touch-capability supports modern user interfaces with 2-finger operation, such as zoom functions.

Simple one-person-mounting
The PCS wall mounting unit can easily be set up by one person only. Support-arm mounting systems by Rolec, Rittal, or Haseke can be connected in conjunction with a VESA 100 mounting unit.

Optimized service costs
The INTUS 6800p is easy to maintain. By opening only few screws, all components as well as system enhancements are accessible. 
Main features

  • Multi-functional industrial PC with variable PC performance of
    - INTEL Quad Core ATOM  - 4 x 1.91  GHz up to
    - INTEL Core i3 - 2 x 2.3 GHz
  • Stable aluminium frame profile housing for rugged industrial environments
  • Bright 15’’ or 19" color TFT LCD display, tiltable
  • Projected capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch-capability (non-reflecting)
  • No external cooling
  • 1 x Gbit Ethernet
  • 15“ model: 1 x USB 3.0, 3 x USB 2.0
  • 19“ model: 1 x USB 3.1, 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0
  • Operating system Win7 / Win10 Prof. 64 Bit
  • Integrated PCS RFID and barcode reader
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Housing depth: 45 mm + wall mounting

The current drivers can be found unter Software Downloads.