A graphical user interface just like on your smartphone, state-of-the-art design, robust housing, customization by keyboard template, AutoClone for swift servicing. The INTUS 5600 terminal sets standards.

The trailblazing new hardware and software technologies of the INTUS 5600 turn it into a multifunctional terminal of a new generation. Groundbreaking innovations, such as the AutoClone function, for which a patent is pending, or the INTUS Graph formatting language have functionalities which until recently would have been inconceivable in time & attendance recording terminals.

The ergonomic, antireflective display with its micro-etched surface is very easy to read in ordinary daylight conditions and minimizes disturbances caused by reflections or visible fingerprints. With its high resolution, bright display and graphical user interface the new terminal has everything the user could wish for. Fixed controls on the keyboard template are combined with screen-based function keys which can be shown or hidden as required. Both types of element are operated with the analog touchscreen to create intuitive user interfaces in your own specific corporate design at an attractive price.

It’s not just the graphical user interface that brings to mind a state-of-the-art smartphone rather than a conventional time & attendance recording terminal. Through its built-in speaker, the INTUS 5600 also signals its status acoustically by suitable sound clips or produces voice messages for partially-sighted employees.

And if a mechanic accidentally drops a ladder on the display, replacement is a breeze: Just attach a new front part to the wall support, lock it, and you’re done: The AutoClone process, for which a patent is pending, will automatically retrieve all the parameters for the terminal – from the IP address and MAC address to the terminal program itself. No user input is required. It doesn’t get any simpler and safer than that.

Key features

  • Stable and warp resistant housing with tamper contact and strong lock
  • Modern ARM-RISC architecture
  • Freely programmable in TCL, parametrizable in TPI
  • graphical user interface with presentation language INTUS Graph
  • Integrated security package: firewall, encryption, password
  • IPv6 compatible


  • Ethernet TCP/IP, 10/100BaseT, V.24, or RS485/RS422 
  • Digital inputs / digital outputs (5A)
  • Multi-language support
  • RFID identification with Mifare, Legic, Hitag
  • Barcode scanner (external)

Control elements and display

  • Touch screen with customized keyboard layouts using backmounted templates
  • 5.7" display (17 cm) VGA (640 x 480 pixel), 262,000 colors
  • Speaker (option)
  • Real time clock (battery buffered), piezo buzzer