Compact online reader with display designed for PCS LBus connection to INTUS ACM Access Control Managers

The INTUS 1600 is the online display reader for the INTUS 3000 family. It is equally suitable for indoor use, protected outdoor use, and harsh ambient conditions.

INTUS 1600 is a competitively priced compact online reader for simple data acquisition tasks. It fits everywhere and still offers all the terminal features typical for PCS. Membrane keyboard and 2x20 character display. External power supply unit or low-voltage power supply.

Key features: 

  • LBus connection to higher-order terminals
  • 5 function keys with symbols, numeric keypad
  • 2x20 character backlit LCD display
  • optical signaling
  • 2 digital inputs
  • 1 digital output
  • full range of PCS ID readers