Brilliant touchscreen for convenient control via the display. Membrane keyboard for glove operation, with tactile keys helpful for partially sighted people. The compact INTUS 5200 time & attendance recording terminal is up to any challenge.

A terminal in a very compact housing. A touchscreen to implement advanced user interfaces. Large, clearly legible texts rendered on a color display. Convenient operation even when the user is wearing gloves. Quick and easy commissioning. Some of these requirements may seem to be contradictory, but the INTUS 5200 time & attendance recording terminal comes up with a suprising solution to meet them all.

The antireflective 3.5 inch display with its micro-etched surface is very easy to read in daylight conditions and minimizes disturbances caused by reflections or visible fingerprints. The landscape format supports longer message texts as well as crisp and clear graphics.

The robust membrane keyboard underneath the display offers tactile function keys to “Come” and “Leave” while also providing a numerical keypad to enter a PIN code. This is perfect for glove operation and helpful for partially sighted people as well. Optionally, the terminal is also available with a full-glass front (INTUS 5200/G). Through its built-in speaker, the INTUS 5200 signals its status acoustically by suitable sound clips or voice messages.

The AutoClone function makes sure that the terminal is mounted and put into operation in almost no time at all: Fix the bottom unit on the wall using four screws, plug in the network cable for data transmission and power supply (PoE), secure the front panel using the metal lock, and you're done, the terminal is ready for operation.

Key features

  • Stable and warp resistant housing with tamper contact and strong lock
  • Modern ARM-RISC architecture
  • Parametrizable in TPI
  • Graphical user interface in color
  • Integrated security package: firewall, encryption, password
  • IPv6 compatible


  • 10Base-T / 100Base-TX on RJ45 plug    
  • Digital inputs / digital outputs (5A)
  • RFID identification with Mifare, Legic or Hitag  
  • Barcode scanner (external)

Control elements and display  

  • Touch-Screen   
  • 3.5“ display (8.9 cm) QVGA (320 x 240 pixel), 262,000 colors
  • Membrane keyboard with two function keys and PIN or
  • All-glass surface w/o function keys and PIN
  • MagicEye status signal (blue)
  • Piezo indicator, speaker (as an option)
  • Real time clock (battery buffered)