Universal T&A terminal with encryption and integrated firewall. Discreet but distinctive in design.

Time & attendance recording with optimized compact ergonomics. Discreet but distinctive in design - that's INTUS 5300.
Ergonomics for users small or tall 
The focus of INTUS 5300 is on ergonomic operation. The non-reflecting display and keyboard panel is tilted to allow disability friendly installation and easy key operation for both small and tall users. Scroll keys and freely programmable function keys offer great flexibility in customizing the user interfaces, whether for programming or parameterization. The new MagicEye is a central indicator for clear and unmistakeable optical status signaling to passing users. A green LED in a blue circle indicates the default setting, "I'm in", while a red LED outside of the circle signals "I'm out." Even a fleeting glance at the multicolored circle is enough to see whether a card has been accepted (green) or declined (red). User interactivity brought to a new level of sophistication. 

Technology and Design. 
The INTUS 5300 benefits from more than 25 years of experience in the development of terminals. It's a RoHS compatible device incorporating the latest technologies and highly reliable engineering, including a bright graphic display with LED lighting (heated for outdoor use), variable power supply (230V, 12-24V) or Power over Ethernet, and a tamper contact that triggers an alarm when the terminal is forced open. 

Technical data 

  • MagicEye: quick optical signaling in blue, green and red plus two LED's indicating the IN / OUT status (red, green)
  • Display: 240x64 graphic LCD with white LED backlighting and automatic dimming function to save energy
  • Membrane keyboard with five function keys and two scroll keys (numeric keypad optional)
  • Battery-backed memory (512kB SRAM, expandable to 1MB SRAM)
  • Freely programmable in TCL or parameterizable using TPI
  • Door control: two digital inputs, one switching relay (5A)
  • Integrated security package: firewall, encryption, password system
  • Voltage supply: Low voltage (12 to 24V), 230V AC, Power over Ethernet IEEE802.3af class 2