Powerful CPU, large color screen, robust membrane keyboard, programmable smart keys, AutoClone functionality for swift servicing: The INTUS 5540 terminal is a true all-rounder combining the tried and tested with innovative technology.

As the newest member of the INTUS family, the INTUS 5540 terminal relies on proven functionality combined with a cutting-edge color display. The large high-definition screen allows you to implement an advanced user interface for time and attendance recording. Optionally, the 4.3" display will light up in the colors of your corporate design. The membrane keyboard with its tactile keys can be easily controlled even by users wearing gloves. It also helps partially-sighted employees record times autonomously. Through its built-in speaker, the INTUS 5540 signals its status acoustically by suitable sound clips or produces voice messages. And the programmable smart keys will assist you in handling complex tasks.

The INTUS 5540 shares its top quality features with the rest of the INTUS terminal family, including the durable membrane keys with a well defined working point. Five function keys can be pre-assigned, while numbers can be entered via the INTUS 5540’s numeric keypad. For outdoor use, the terminal can be equipped with a heating element, and its housing is waterproof up to IP65.

The INTUS 5540 relies on an innovative service and repair concept: If, for instance, the front part of the terminal fails, simply attach a replacement to the wall support and lock it. The AutoClone process, for which a patent is pending, will then automatically retrieve all the parameters for the terminal – from the IP address and MAC address to the terminal program itself. The terminal will resume operation without requiring any user input. This is what we call intelligent service. It doesn’t get any simpler and safer than that.

Key features

  • Stable and war resistant housing with tamper contact and mechanical locking
  • Powerful ARM-RISC architecture   
  • Programmable in TCL, parametrizable in TPI    
  • Integrated security package: firewall, encryption, password system
  • IPv6-fähig


  • 10Base-T / 100Base-TX on RJ45 plug-in
  • WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n (optional), with IEEE 802.1X
  • 2 digital input (optoentkoppelt) / 2 digital output (5A)
  • Integrated RFID access reader EM 4102/4002, Hitag, Mifare, Legic    
  • Up to 16 external RFID readers

Control elements and display   

  • Robust membrane keyboard with PIN pad and prorgrammable smart keys
  • Display: 480x272 TFT display (4,3")   
  • MagicEye (blue, green, red), 2 LEDs (green, red)    
  • Speaker (as an option)
  • Real time clock (battery buffered), Piezo buzzer