INTUS 5600.le

INTUS 5600.le limited edition

Sophisticated design – innovative technology.

With breakthrough new technologies, the INTUS 5600.le presents itself as a multifunctional terminal of a new generation. Groundbreaking innovations include the AutoClone function, for which a patent is pending, and the INTUS Graph formatting language. As many INTUS terminals before, the INTUS 5600.le has won the iF product design award.

This limited edition of the INTUS 5600 terminals features a distinctive anodized aluminum front frame blending innovation with sophisticated design. The silky luster of the anodized front perfectly harmonizes with the micro-etched surface of the touchscreen designed to minimize reflections and visible fingerprints. Anodized surfaces are distinguished by a high-quality look and feel – the tactility of the material is unique. INTUS 5600.le is the ultimate terminal for users placing special demands on a terminal’s design and requiring highest standards of quality.


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