Video-based automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR) or Advanced Number Plate Recognition (APNR) in many cases ideally complements electronic access control, enabling a multitude of interesting solutions that simplify workflows and save costs.

In addition to the practical and convenient applications made possible by recognizing license plates in video images, the technology often helps to save precious time as well:

  • Barriers at privileged parking lots could open only for certain vehicles, be that vehicles belonging to certain employees or special test cars.
  • Registered supplier trucks could be granted direct access to specified delivery zones.
  • The security personnel would always be fully aware of all the vehicles present on the company’s premises without having to go through a cumbersome manual registration process.

Special cameras of the ARH ParkIT type are recommended for LPR applications. With a powerful infrared flash, they ensure that license plates are reliably recognized even in difficult light conditions.
The LPR module can automatically read license plate formats from numerous countries, including formats with Cyrillic and Arabic fonts (on request).

License Plate Recognition is an optional module available with the corresponding Cayuga basic package - starting with variant S100 - and coupled with DEXICON Enterprise access control.

The Cayuga license plate recognition (LPR) module is available as an extension for the SeeTec basic application and it is directly managed from the SeeTec user interface. For a visual detection of license plates, you may use all IP cameras installed in your SeeTec environment. Even special analog cameras can be integrated by using video servers.

The Cayuga LPR supports a wide range of international license plate formats and also Cyrillic and Arabic fonts on request. All detected license plates are stored in the Cayuga database with the corresponding image. Furthermore, pre-definable attributes can be added to any number plate stored in the database such as company, name of driver or vehicle type.


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    SeeTec LPR license plate recognition datasheet