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PCS works with approximately 100 software and system house partners from all over Europe. They offer security solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology.

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All INTUS readers and terminals from PCS can be used for access control.

Access control versus access regulation.

It already starts: Is it now called access control, when there is no "control" at all? Or rather access regulation? Access control (also called "access regulation", "access management" or correctly "access command") is intended to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises, buildings, rooms and facilities of a company.

The term "access regulation" (or access control) is generally understood to mean access to digital networks. Access control or access regulation is an essential prerequisite for a comprehensive operational security concept that grows with time and with the requirements of a company. Information and reports from companies and security associations about increasing white-collar crime and espionage, vandalism and sabotage, assaults, terrorism, burglary and theft highlight the growing need for security. They underscore the need for effective operational access control/access regulation. These include: Access, door and badge management, if necessary with biometric components for higher security requirements, parking lot and visitor management, video surveillance and interfaces to peripheral systems such as the burglar alarm system.

In the following the still most frequently used term access control is used. The correct term is actually access management.

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