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PCS works with approximately 100 software and system house partners from all over the world. They offer security solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology.

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Easy installation and years of trouble-free operation also under rough environmental conditions characterize the devices of the PCS.
Made in Germany, from development to final testing.
May we introduce us?


With INTUS, PCS offers a comprehensive range for time and attendance and access control: time and attendance terminals from entry-level models to multifunctional models with touch and customized user interface, RFID readers for short- and long-range applications, biometric readers for greater convenience or palm vein authentication for high-security, access control managers for the cabinet or wall, industrial PCs and much more. We will find the right solution for you.

Product overview


INTUS is the terminal family from PCS Systemtechnik. We are one of the leading German manufacturers of hardware and software for the acquisition of time management and operational data, for access control, biometrics and video surveillance. We have been experts for over 50 years. Our customers come from the industrial, banking, insurance, retail, service and public sectors. They appreciate the software independence of PCS data acquisition - a good protection of the investment made.

More about PCS

PCS Gebäude Außenansicht

Philosophy of PCS.

With the INTUS, DEXICON and DEXIOS product families, PCS implements professional solutions in the fields of building security.

We offer our customers and partners solutions and platforms with which their requirements in time management and company-wide building security can be flexibly realized.


Philosophy and objectives



INTUS terminals support the daily work routine:

Flexible  working hours,  time account display directly at the terminal and  offline access rights.

Reliable. Robust. Individual. Intelligent. Durable.

With biometrics. With additional benefits. With access control.  With WLAN or mobile radio.

40 years of success: INTUS.

More than 40 years ago, PCS started to market a terminal family based
on the experience of many projects in the field of scientific and commercial data acquisition.
commercial data acquisition, PCS started to bring a terminal family to the market. The name: INTUS.
This became a success story, always focusing on highest quality and customer benefit.
And of course, the excellent design was a distinguishing feature that contributed significantly to the success.


For more than 40 years, PCS has been developing and producing terminals for time and attendance, access control, BDE/MDE and POI.
The consistent terminal concept has offered a suitable solution for every requirement since that time and will continue to do so in the future.

The History


From the very beginning, PCS has relied on strong partners. Our customers appreciate the independence of hardware and software. With INTUS terminals and selected partners, PCS can offer you sophisticated solutions for all aspects of time management.

Our approximately 100 software and system house partners throughout Europe offer solutions with INTUS products for all areas of operational data aquisition and security technology.

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The appearance of all PCS terminal products is characterized by an innovative industrial design.
For over 20 years, PCS has integrated design as part of the company philosophy.
The examination of design, ergonomics and ecology raises the value and emotional quality of the products - and certainly also the technical.

Awards and prizes

Services of PCS Systemtechnik.

We support you all the way from consulting to maintenance. You are free to choose the service you need and would like to make use of.

  • Consultation

    We create a sustainable security concept for all your needs together with you.


  • Developing Concept

    Developing a comprehensive security concept can be a challenge. We'll gladly assist you.


  • Project Planning

    Based on your security concept we create a detailed project plan.

    Project Planning 

  • Installation

    A professional installation is a prerequisite for a successfully use of software and years of trouble-free operation of the devices.


  • Training

    To ensure a smooth start to the new system, we train your employees in all necessary skills.


  • Maintenance

    You have the choice: maintenance contracts, Software maintenance contracts, equipment service, remote maintenance, preventive maintenance. We’ll support you as you like.


Success Stories

Adelholzener Alpenquellen

Sector: Food industry
Visitor management - Access control - Time recording

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Sector: Medical technology
Access control - Palm vein authentication - Video surveillance

To Success Story

Bauer AG

Sector: Services and Construction
Access control - Time recording - DEXICON for SAP

To Success Story

Bischof + Klein

Sector: Industry / Packaging
Time recording - Access control - DEXICON SAP

To Success Story

DB Regio Bayern

Sector: Services/Transport
Access control - Time recording - Video surveillance

To Success Story

DMK Group

Sector: Food production
Access control - Time recording - DEXICON for SAP

To Success Story

Evoqua Water Technologies

Sector: Industry / Water resources management
Time recording - Time management

To Success Story

Flatexdegiro AG Frankfurt

Sector: Finance
Access control - Biometrics - Time recording

To Success Story

GEMÜ Gruppe

Sector: Industry
Time recording - Access control - PSI-Penta

To Success Story

GfK SE Nürnberg

Sector: Services
Video camera - Video-Encoder - Videomanagementsystem

To Success Story

Haimer GmbH

Sector: Industry
Access control - Biometrics - RFID cards

To Success Story

Hermes Arzneimittel

Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Time recording - Access control - Visitor management

To Success Story

Hunan Broadcasting System

Sector: Media
Biometrics - Access control - Perimeter

To Success Story

IHK Nürnberg

Sector: Services
Access reader - ID card management - DEXICON Software

To Success Story

Jochen Schweizer Arena

Sector: Services
Access control - Time recording

To Success Story

KRZ Lemgo

Sector: Services/IT
Time management - Access control - Biometrics

To Success Story


Sector: Services
Inclusion - Time recording - INTUS 5200 Hybrid

To Success Story

Mayr Antriebstechnik

Sector: Industry
Access control - Time recording

To Success Story


Sector: Industry / Paints and varnishes
HR - Security
Project cooperation with tisoware

To Success Story


Sector: Media
DEXICON SAP - Time control - SAP HR-PDC

To Success Story

Richard Wolf GmbH

Sector: Medical technology
Access control - Time recording - DEXICON for SAP

To Success Story

Sparkasse am Niederrhein

Sector: Finance
Access control - Time recording - Certified interface

To Success Story

St Martin Tower

Sector: Services
Access control - Vehicle access control - ID management

To Success Story

Theater Erfurt

Sector: Culture
Biometrics - Access control - Turnstiles

To Success Story

Verla-Pharm Arzneimittel

Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Access control - Time recording - Vehicle access control

To Success Story

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