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Record visit data and manage visits quickly, efficiently and reliably.

PCS VISIT visitor management.

The PCS VISIT visitor management system allows you to record and manage visits quickly, efficiently and reliably. This always gives you full transparency on the visitors present on your premises, the visits planned and the persons who have already left the building again.

Statistical evaluations detail the number of visits per time interval while evidence of completed safety briefings is documented.

Visitor management is available as a stand-alone solution or as an add-on to DEXICON access control. When combined with DEXICON, visitors are covered by the access control system, with all their accesses seamlessly documented and stored based on the usage of their access badge.

  • Three-stage process: pre-registration - registration - sign-out.
  • Visitor self-registration.
  • Documented safety briefing.
  • Combination with DEXICON access control.
PCS visitor management makes sure that all events related to visits are recorded quickly, efficiently and reliably. It lets you keep track of who’s on your premises at any given time and statistically analyze visitor numbers per time interval.


VISIT allows visitors to pre-register their visit via the internet. Employees enter their expected visitors to the system via a web interface or Outlook plug-in.

Based on the pre-registration, the relevant reception desk knows about upcoming visitors and can prepare accordingly.

In addition, pre-registration can be linked with planning the catering for a visitor by specifying the required food and drink to ensure that the visitor will not go hungry. The caterer is simultaneously notified about the cost center to be charged.

INTUS 640 RFID reader in surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions for the Hitag1/Hitag2 and EM4002 reading methods (miro/read only)

Securely excluded.

Arriving visitors present themselves at the reception desk or self-register at a kiosk terminal. If required, an access badge is issued allowing the visitor to move on their own within authorized zones on your premises.

Unwanted individuals or companies will be blacklisted and barred from entering the premises. It is no longer possible to register them as visitors – they are securely excluded.

screenshot of selection menu for self-registration


  • Outlook calendar integration: Simply create planned visits in Outlook
  • Safety briefing
  • Welcome screen
  • Check visitors against sanctions lists
  • Visitor self-registration
  • Online check-in by visitors over the internet
  • Catering
  • Integration with Gingco.Net room booking
PCS Besuchermanagement erfasst Besuchsvorgänge schnell, einfach und zuverlässig. Sie haben stets einen Überblick, wer sich auf dem Gelände aufhält und können statische Auswertungen über die Anzahl der Besucher in bestimmten Zeitintervallen vornehmen.

Data and facts

  • One-off, multiple-day and repeating visits
  • Visitor group import
  • E-mail invitation to visitor
  • AD integration / single sign-on
  • Visitor, company, vehicle or employee import via csv file – useful for migration from an existing system
  • Encrypted communications between browser and server
  • Supported hardware: printer, signature pad, webcams


Technical data


  • Web server: MS IIS from v8.0
  • Operating systems: MS Windows Server from 2008 SP2
  • Database: MS SQL Server from 2008


  • Operating systems: MS Windows from Windows 8
  • Browser: MS Edge, Chromium, Firefox, Google Chrome

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