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Description of the INTUS Flex radio card set

The INTUS Flex Air card set enables you to perform administrative tasks on your wirelessly networked INTUS Flex devices.

You will find a brief description of these cards below.

Do you have any questions about the INTUS Flex Air card set? You can reach us at:

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INTUS Flex RFID-Config Karte

INTUS Flex RFID configuration card

In order to be able to read the other cards (service card, battery replacement card and disassembly card), it is necessary to christen your INTUS Flex devices with the INTUS Flex RFID Config card before the first commissioning. It transfers the customer-specific authentication keys to the devices. This step is therefore necessary so that the devices can communicate with the service card, battery replacement card and disassembly card. For security reasons, individual keys are generated for each customer to prevent the INTUS Flex radio card set from customer A from being used by customer B as well.

INTUS Flex Servicekarte

INTUS Flex Service Card

The INTUS Flex service card switches the INTUS Flex devices into programming mode so that configuration information can then be transmitted. This is particularly important as soon as you want to pair an INTUS Flex terminal device with a gateway via radio. For the pairing to work, the INTUS Flex terminal device must be put into service mode by holding the INTUS Flex service card in front of it.

INTUS Flex Karte - Batteriewechsel

INTUS Flex battery replacement card

The INTUS Flex battery replacement card allows you to replace the battery in the INTUS Flex digital cylinder. By holding the card out, the locking pins in the knob are retracted so that the knob cap can be pulled off. You then have direct access to the batteries.

INTUS Flex Karte - Demontage

INTUS Flex disassembly card

The INTUS Flex disassembly card allows you to disassemble the INTUS Flex digital cylinder. By holding the card in front of it, the coupling element in the cylinder knob moves into a position that allows you to pull the knob off the cylinder housing and thus dismantle the device.

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