DEXICON Enterprise for SAP is a standard solution for time & attendance and access control based on INTUS hardware with a certified interface for the HCM (HR) module of SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA.

DEXICON Enterprise has a positive outlook on the working day: Working hours are registered at the INTUS terminals based on positive time recording and forwarded to the SAP system. To keep employees up to date on their exact time balance, the current figure is always displayed at the time and attendance terminal together with the latest booking. People working in the field or from home can enter their working times by phone, Android smartphone app or web browser.
DEXICON Enterprise brings intelligence to time and attendance recording: The "Status-Sensitive Booking" function automatically generates a "Clock-in" or "Clock-out"booking depending on the attendance status.

Data and facts

•    Support for all INTUS time and attendance recording terminals
•    SAP-certified HR-PDC and S/4-HR-PDC interface
•    Investment protection through regular re-certification of the SAP interface
•    Bookings stored locally in the terminal to enable time and attendance recording even when the host connection is down
•    DEXICON time and attendance recording works even when SAP is not available
•    Status monitoring of all the connected terminals
•    HTTP interface to connect to third-party systems
•    OPC Server to connect to hazard management systems
•    Unicode support for international deployment
•    Multi-user capable client/server application

Additional benefits
•    Attractive pricing thanks to user- and function-based licensing
•    Test installation on request
•    One-stop consulting, installation and commissioning
•    Software maintenance contract plus (optional) service contract

With more than 300 users in Germany and internationally, DEXICON has excellent references. PCS has been a certified SAP software partner since 1990 and is always up-to-date on SAP data collection technology. The certified interface guarantees the secure exchange of data.


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    DEXICON SAP Brochure
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    DEXICON HTTP Interface datasheet
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    DEXICON Online datasheet
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    SAP S/ 4 HR-PDC Certificate - Nov. 2017
  •   Download
    SAP HR-PDC Certificate - Nov. 2017