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PCS works with approximately 100 software and system house partners from all over Europe. They offer security solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology.

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Vehicle access control

From cars to trucks.
From license plate recognition to parking lot surveillance.

PCS vehicle access control for automated management of incoming traffic.

  • Automated incoming traffic management.
    Conveniently and securely manage incoming vehicle traffic to underground car parks, parking lots and your company premises.
  • Rapid recognition.
    By license plate plus RFID transponder in the vehicle.
  • Integration with DEXICON Enterprise.
    Vehicle access control and incoming traffic management based on a vehicle database integrated with DEXICON. Vehicle and people access control combined.
  • Delivery traffic management.
    Pre-announcement of suppliers to enable fast and controlled access to the premises.
  • Centralized access administration.
    Conveniently direct customers to the right parking lot, suppliers to the allocated loading bay and employees to the permitted car park without losing time.
  • Automated processes.
    Automate vehicle admittance to your premises by using video-based license plate recognition or RFID-based long-range readers to open barriers.
  • Vehicle admittance based on various factors:
    License plate and/or RFID combined with time of day and/or vehicle characteristics (color, brand).

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