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Monile time recording and web time recording

Time recording in the field or from home.

Employees working in the field or from home cannot take part in time and attendance recording at stationary terminals.

A lot of paperwork and manual data corrections can be avoided if this group records their working times by web browser.

INTUS FTC offers various options for mobile and web-based time recording.

INTUS FTC is a product provided by PCS technology partner Flintec Informations-Technologien GmbH.


Mobile time recording  Web time recording


  • INTUS COM compatible time recording/project time recording.
  • Easy to supplement using INTUS terminals.
  • Mobile or web time recording.
  • Offline capable.
  • Booking functions: In/Out with/without reason, balance.

Mobile time recording

For recording times by phone, INTUS FTC supports analog and ISDN telephones as well as Voice over IP (VoIP).

Time recording by phone.

For time recording by phone, employees simply call the system by mobile phone, smartphone or landline to book clock-in/clock-out times or authorized absences (such as visits to a doctor or public authority). Black lists or white lists may be used to configure or restrict the phone numbers allowed for time recording.

For recording times by phone, INTUS FTC supports analog and ISDN telephones as well as Voice over IP (VoIP).

Mobile via web and app.

When a data connection is used, times can be booked via a standard web browser on any PC or tablet – very conveniently so if single sign-on (SSO) is used through integration with Microsoft Active Directory.

For Android and iOS smartphones there’s an app for time recording or balance queries.

The INTUS FTC T-Server allows you to book times for mobile time recording even when you are offline: As soon as the device is online again, the collected data is synchronized by the server.

Zeiterfassung über Uhr am Handgelenk


Time booking via the Apple Watch using the INTUS FTC watchOS app and WLAN.

Connections to INTUS FTC Webclient DEXICON are required to transmit time bookings or, if bookings are transferred from external systems and forwarded to INTUS COM, a connection to INTUS FTC Webservice.

Web time recording.

INTUS FTC offers various options for mobile and web-based time recording.

Browser-based bookings.

Using INTUS FTC web time recording, employees can book their working times via a standard web browser on any office PC, home PC or smartphone.

Web time recording works with any standard browser on a stationary PC, notebook or smartphone.

It’s offline capable, too.

Single sign-on (SSO) through integration with Microsoft Active Directory facilitates time recording for employees at their PC workstations. A native app for Android smartphones/tablets and iPhones/iPads can also be used.

Offline capability is ensured by the use of HTML5 local storage.

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