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In a time where flexible work models and home offices have become indispensable, accurate time tracking has become increasingly important. INTUS time tracking terminals and the associated app, INTUS FTC, offer an efficient solution for this need. These technologies not only make it easier for companies to manage their employees' working hours accurately but also offer significant benefits to the employees themselves – especially when it comes to tax declarations.

Working from home has become a permanent fixture in the modern work environment in recent years. However, with the new work models come new challenges, particularly in the area of tax declarations.

Increase in Home Office Allowance

For many employees, it is necessary to provide precise evidence of their workdays spent in the home office to claim potential tax benefits. Starting from 2023, employees can claim a flat rate of 10 euros for each full workday spent in the home office. This means up to 1,200 euros annually. The recording of home office days is crucial here. INTUS time tracking offers a simple and effective solution.

Easy Compilation with Time Tracking

Electronic time tracking enables precise documentation of days spent working from home. Employees can record their working hours both at the stationary INTUS time tracking terminal and via the mobile INTUS FTC app for web, phone, or mobile. Assignment to projects and tasks is also possible. By using INTUS time tracking terminals and the INTUS FTC app, employees can accurately document their working hours anywhere, whether they are in the office or working from home.

Proof for the Tax Authorities

Depending on the time management software, a detailed report can be generated at the end of the year for the last months, listing all workdays spent in the home office clearly. This documentation can be used directly for tax declarations, significantly simplifying the process and helping employees maximize their entitled tax benefits. The compilation from time tracking can be confirmed by the HR department and serves as proof for the tax authorities. Employees should ensure that on the respective days, all business and professional activities took place exclusively in the home office.

Benefits of Time Tracking

Trust and Work-Life Balance: However, the benefits of INTUS time tracking go beyond tax declarations. It enables transparent and fair working hour management, fosters trust between employers and employees, and supports a balanced work-life balance. Accurate recording of working hours enables precise documentation of overtime and its compensation. Moreover, mobile recording via the INTUS FTC app allows for flexible handling, ideally supporting the modern workday.

In times where flexible work models have become the norm, INTUS time tracking is an indispensable resource that helps individual employees effectively manage their working hours and assert their rights in tax declarations. For further information on INTUS time tracking terminals and the INTUS FTC app, please visit our translated website.

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