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PCS works with approximately 100 software and system house partners from all over the world. They offer security solutions based on INTUS products and addressing all areas of production data collection and security technology.

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Matter of heart

Since spring 2020, the world has gone off the rails for many people. The Corona pandemic has affected us all, especially the weak, the young, the old or those who are on the margins of society.
We the PCS are grateful that we have come through the crisis well so far. That is why it is a matter of the heart for us to share with others. With our Corona donation, we help various national and international projects:


In many rural areas in Rwanda, there are only a few educational institutions, and in most cases the parents of the children living there cannot afford an appropriate education for their children, as they are self-sufficient.
As parents are self-supporting, they do not have the necessary financial means for school fees and materials.

As the education of children in Rwanda is a matter close to our hearts, we, the PCS, have decided to support this great project with a donation!

Caritas MUNICH

The pandemic affected the poorest and socially disadvantaged in our city particularly hard. Caritas Munich supports these people with the distribution of food, vouchers and a shopping service within the framework of the Caritas Centers for the Elderly and Service Centers. Daily hot meals are offered at a food bank. Direct, unbureaucratic help - that is why it is important for us to support Caritas by making a donation for Munich citizens!

Caritas essen

With the project FLIZmobil, Caritas Essen supports families in Essen.  Everyday offers, such as a balanced lunch, exercise and counseling offers as well as various changing campaigns are part of it. This project supports children and families with a thematically broad program. A practical help for families, that is why we are very happy to support this wonderful project!

deutsches kinderhilfswerk

The German Children's Fund supports families in financial need with digital equipment for homeschooling, which is absolutely essential in times of Corona. The German Children's Fund continuously campaigns for children and their rights, including the right to education.

A matter that is close to our hearts - which is why we decided to help out here.

Manawa Kenia

For 10 years, africa action / Deutschland e. V. has made it possible to guide students through their school and partly university careers in order to increase their chances for a self-determined and secure life.

Up to now, all educational costs of the project participants in Kenya have been covered by donations. Now, a piece of land is to be purchased locally in Kisumu on which sugar cane can be produced in order to further develop MaNaWa. The profit from this venture is then to be invested 100% in the education project, so that MaNaWa becomes an increasingly independent and sustainable project. Our donation supports this step towards financial sustainability and a long-term safeguarding of the education of the participants.

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